What De Angela is up to right now! (This brilliant idea is taken from Derek Siver’s now page.)

De Angela currently lives, works, and plays in New York City. Professionally, she is an Associate Vice Provost and Industry Professor at NYU, but for her now page, she will focus on her personal, passion projects which more often than not evolve around Prince:

  • Creating and organizing the next Prince symposium for 40 years of Dirty Mind and 30 years of Graffiti Bridge. April 2020. Brooklyn.
  • Editing or writing Prince journal or book articles.
  • Researching and preparing my presentation for Prince 78-88: An Interdisciplinary Conference at The University of Minnesota on June 3-4, 2020.
  • Archiving and documenting the two-day Prince Batdance Symposium I created and organized
  • Archiving and documenting the two-day EYE NO Prince Lovesexy Symposium I created and organized
  • Planning, producing, editing, and/or recording Prince podcasts for Grown Folks Music