Journal of Popular Music Studies

Massive gratitude to the Journal of Popular Music Studies, Volume 34, Issue 2, p. 5–27, for highlighting last year’s Prince #1plus1plus1is3 Virtual Symposium in their field notes section of their June 2022 edition, released just in time to celebrate Prince’s upcoming birthday. (You’ll need a university account to register to read them.)

Three transcripts are featured, representing each album celebrated during the event: Controversy (1981), Diamonds & Pearls (1991), and The Rainbow Children (2001).

It was extremely difficult to whittle down twenty stellar presentations to just three. My heartfelt thanks & gratitude also extends to ALL of the presenters from #1plus1plus1is3!

To accompany the transcripts, you can (re)watch the video archives of each transcript:

Controversy #1plus1plus1is3 Presentation: “I Wish We All Were Nude: Prince’s Controversy Shower Poster as Aesthetic Linchpin & Artifact” by Zachary Hoskins

Diamonds & Pearls #1plus1plus1is3 Presentation: “A Tale Of Two Princes: Diamonds & Pearls & the Myth of Colorblindness in the Work of Prince” by Kamilah Cummings

The Rainbow Children #1plus1plus1is3 Presentation: “Deconstruction: Work & Racial Capitalism in The Rainbow Children” by Robert Loss

For abstracts and bios of the speakers, visit

Massive thanks to Dr. Elliott Powell!💜🙏