​​Betty Davis photographed in New York in 1969 by Anthony Barboza/GI
​​Betty Davis photographed in New York in 1969 by Anthony Barboza/GI

I compiled this Betty Davis Syllabus (#BettyDavisSyllabus) quickly to seize the moment to introduce Betty Davis to new fans and music lovers who want a deeper dive. I also compiled this for my aunt, an avid music lover who had never heard of Betty Davis upon her passing, despite being a teenager in the seventies. 

I wanted to create a list of media for anyone to get acclimated to Betty Davis’ music and the important scholarship surrounding her. I thought it essential to have my initial pass crowdsourced to ensure the best coverage of the breadth of academic scholarship about Betty Davis.

In curating the 2018 Betty Davis symposium, my goal was to spread the word about her. However, my Prince work consumed me, instead. I want to rectify that by spearheading this Betty Davis syllabus. 

Words could never communicate her impact on me & countless others! However, I hope this compilation of resources will begin to articulate Betty Davis’ impact on music, culture, and folks all around the world. 

Please take the time to first and foremost listen to Betty Davis and then watch and read about her. Trust me! It will be an incredible journey!