Diamonds and Pearls (Super Deluxe)

How can I convey the “unlanguageable”(as my brother in Lovesexy would say)? It’s nearly impossible as I struggle to find words to express this singular moment.

So, I’ll tell you a quick story instead. I got my copies of the Prince Diamonds and Pearls Super Deluxe Box Set on Saturday eve. I thought once I had the accompanying 120-page hardcover book in my hands and saw my name in black and white as an essayist, my contribution to the box set would sink in and feel real. But, to this very moment, I am still in disbelief. It feels surreal… like my essay is someone else’s, not mine.
To an outsider, this might seem like just another accomplishment, but those who truly know me understand the profound significance of this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Even though I am still in shock, “there comes a time in every (wo)man’s life that” they need to pause and express gratitude. So, here we go…

I wouldn’t have gotten here without so many people supporting my Prince work… So, here are my album credits, once again in no particular order: Londell McMillan, Charles Spicer, Duane Tudahl, Warner Records, Sony Legacy Records, C. Liegh McInnis, R. Luke DuBois, Scott Fitzgerald, Dr. Deborah Willis, Lisa M. Coleman, Ph.D. (she/hers), ayoka chenzira, Joe Holt, Kirsty Fairclough, John Wyatt IV, Zaheer Ali, Anil Dash, Miles Marshall Lewis, Elliott H. Powell, Arthur Turnbull, Kamilah Cummings, Harold Pride, Michael Dean, KaNisa Williams, Edgar Kruize, jooZt of PrinceVault, Matthijs L. Nicolay Rook, Marco ‘t Hart, Rev3rend, Ivan Orr, Chris Rob, Tammy Sharpe (Alana Mika), Sam(antha) Jackson, Tracy Figueroa, special and heartfelt thanks to Krysta Battersby for always having my back even when she doesn’t have to do so, Mable Ivory who is the light source that gave me the push I needed to get my ball rolling, and to each and every presenter, roundtable panelist, and moderator of all the symposia,, and, last but definitely not least, every single person who has ever attended my weekly, virtual book club, What Did Prince Do This Week?,, one of my Prince symposia, listened 2 one of the Grown Folks Music Prince podcasts or my Prince birthday mixes on No Turn Unstoned…

I am deeply grateful to the Prince Estate for affording me this opportunity, and I’m extremely honored to be among the esteemed company of the other essayists: Chuck D of Public Enemy, Andrea Swensson, Jason Draper, Duane Tudahl, and KaNisa Williams!

But, above all, #Prince! 💜