Special Wrote Essay for Prince Edition of Black Magnolias: A Literary Journal

De Angela is honored to have her Jill Jones paper, “She’s Always in My Hair: Jill Jones–The Unheralded Muse of Prince,” (originally presented @ Black Portraiture[s] IV: The Color of Silence at Harvard University on Friday, March 23, 2018.) alongside some of her favorite writers, Michael A. Gonzales, Robert Loss & C. Liegh McInnis, in a special Prince issue of Black Magnolias Literary Journal. You can either read it online or order a print copy. The cover was created by Monica Taylor-McInnis. 

Edited by C. Liegh McInnis, author of The Lyrics Of Prince Rogers Nelson: A Literary Look At A Creative, Musical Poet, Philosopher, And Storyteller, this special issue contains articles from accomplished academicians, literary creatives, and musicians, including Robert Loss (author of Nothing Has Been Done Before: Seeking the New in 21st-Century American Popular Music) and Michael A. Gonzales (whose work has appeared in VibeEssencePitchforkThe Village Voice, Wax PoeticsCatapultSoulhead.comEbony, and  The Paris Review).

Black Magnolias Literary Journal Cover Special Prince Edition