I was honored to present “Pour Some Water On Me: Prince and the Ohio Players” at the 2nd Annual Dayton Funk Symposium, at the University of Ohio in Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday, 6 November 2021. Even though my presentation was virtual, the conference was in person.

I am thrilled that the University of Dayton has posted its video archives from the first (2018) AND second (2021) Dayton Funk Symposia. I wish more conferences would do so. There are a lot of stellar talks.

So now, you can also, specifically, watch the Q&A portion of my talk, beginning at the 43-minute mark. If you want to see the talk itself at the highest resolution, you can watch the featured video above without the Q&A portion

James “Diamond” Williams, drummer of the Ohio Players, attended my talk AND remembered my family, vividly. What an honor & privilege! I will never ever forget that moment. FLOORED! Before the University of Dayton posted the video archives, I could only hear, but, now that the video archives have been shared, I can see him, as well. Thank you so very much, Dr. Sharon Gratto and the University of Dayton, for the opportunity and documentation!


In Prince’s incomplete and posthumous memoir, The Beautiful Ones, the Ohio Players is referenced four times. However, Prince’s love of the Ohio Players was evident, decades before the release of this book. Prince has covered Ohio Players’ classics, such as “Skin Tight,” “I Want To Be Free,” “Love Rollercoaster,” and “Heaven Must Be Like This,” in numerous rehearsals, shows, and after shows over the years. However, the Ohio Players are rarely discussed as one of Prince’s influences by music critics. This talk will attempt to deconstruct why, while also exploring Prince’s funk roots and influences.